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December is upon us and Christmas will soon be here!

Here are some special December fun dates for you to enjoy:

5 - Day of the Ninja

6 - Put on Your Own Shoes Day

7 - Letter Writing Day

9 - Christmas Card Day

12 - Gingerbread House Day

14 - Christmas Sweater Day

16 - Chocolate Covered Anything Day

21 - Ugly Sweater Day

24 - Eggnog Day

25 - Christmas Day!

26 - Thank-you Note Day

27 - No Interruptions Day

31 - Make up Your Mind Day

Here are some fun family activities happening around Kneehill County:

ACME -- Dec. 9 - Santa Claus is coming to Acme Hall, 1-3 pm

Dec. 10 - Candy Cane Run for the Food Bank, starting at 6 pm

Dec. 12 - Annual Christmas Light Competition judging, 6 pm

BEISEKER -- Dec. 16 - Christmas Light Judging Day

Dec. 20 - School Christmas Concert

Dec. 21 - Christmas Hamper Deliveries

Dec. 24 - Candy Cane Run

CARBON -- 3rd week in Dec. - Christmas Light Competition

LINDEN-- Dec. 11 - Christmas Angels Food Drive

Dec. 12 - Dr. Elliott School Christmas Concert at the LCC 7 pm

THREE HILLS -- Dec. Fridays and Sundays -- Free Public Skate 5:45-6:45 pm at the Arena

TROCHU-- Dec. 8 - Carolling Through the Streets at Trochu Baptist Fellowship Centre, 2 pm

Dec. 14 - Jan. 2 - Arboretum Forest of Lights Trochu, 5:30 - 9 pm

Supporting healthy early development of all Kneehill Area children

The Kneehill Area communities have proven to be positive places for children to grow. A community supporting Early Childhood Development results in children reaching their maximum potential.

Children need a healthy start; nurturing relationships, and safe supportive environments to grow, learn and thrive.
- Alberta EC Map Initiative

Early childhood (between 0-5 years old) is an ideal time to absorb basic skills. It’s proven to help give children a strong basis for social, emotional and cognitive skills for future learning and development.

The goal of our website is support healthy early childhood development in the Kneehill Area communities. Children with healthy brain development will be more likely to:

  • Have a healthy body.
  • Be happy and content.
  • Care about others.
  • Be ready to learn.